Sure, Georgia may be the place everyone thinks of when it comes to peaches, but the Florida peaches at Oponay Farms are just as ripe and juicy! Picking peaches at Oponay Farms is a wonderful activity for the whole family to enjoy. Peaches are known for their sweet flavor and unmistakable fuzzy skin. Stop by Oponay Farms today and pick your own or grab a bag of fresh ones already picked for you. Peaches in Lakeland, FL are perfect for breakfast, lunch or as an afternoon snack. There are hundreds of amazing peach recipes available online and with the beautiful peaches at Oponay Farms, you can try them all! Fresh fruit is a delicious and healthy addition to any diet so stop by Oponay Farms today!

Peaches were first cultivated in China thousands of years ago and quickly became a favorite fruit of the emperors. Developing trade routes established by various conquerors across Asia soon brought the peach to centers of influence in Greece and elsewhere across Europe.

Spanish explorers brought the peach to America in the 16th century but it wasn’t for another two centuries that the peach became a commercially viable crop in places like Georgia.

When picking peaches in Lakeland, FL you want to select the ripest fruit from the tree. One of the easiest ways to tell whether a peach is ripe is when it separates easily from the twigs. If the peach is difficult to remove, it’s not ripe. It’s also important to remember that once a peach is picked, it will not continue to ripen. Its texture will only soften. While color is also a good indicator of a ripe peach, a red color doesn’t necessarily mean your peach is ready to be picked. You want to select a peach that is somewhat soft in texture. Last but not least, a ripe peach should always smell sweet and ripe. Try to pick the peaches gently because they’re generally softer than most fruit. These are just a few helpful tips to make your peach picking experience the best.

Peaches do not grow well in tropical areas because they require a certain period of cold weather for the tree to blossom. However, Lakeland, FL does provide peach trees with the chill they need to thrive in the orchards at Oponay Farms. Those interested in purchasing a peach tree for their own yard should come to Oponay Farms where we sell young peach trees grafted to suitable rootstock which helps improve fruit quality.