Back in America’s younger days, agriculture was a large part of the daily routine for many children. It was commonplace for boys and girls to grow up learning how to tend to fields and take care of livestock. In fact, people often had larger families specifically so there was a few more sets of hands around the house and barn. Being on a farm was a great way for young adults to learn valuable skills like discipline and the importance of hard work. These days, a farm field trip in Lakeland, FL is a great way to help keep the farm tradition alive and well.

Young people these days are falling out of touch with life on a farm and the valuable sense of hard work and dedication which comes with it. Getting kids away from their various computer and cell phone screens should be a top priority for parents and teachers and a field trip to Oponay Farms is a great way to do just that. When it comes to farm field trips in Lakeland, FL, Oponay Farms is a great choice because it has so much to offer.

Children visiting Oponay Farms not only have a great time, but they also learn a ton about life on a farm. From the blueberry patches to the rows of peach trees in the orchard along Lake Hancock, there is no shortage of things to explore at Oponay Farms.

Learning about how fruits and vegetables are grown gives young people an appreciation for the food they eat. Fresh fruit and vegetables don’t just appear on the dinner table, someone had to care for the plant over the course of weeks and months so it could prosper. Large industrial farms don’t put the same attention to detail on the growing process as a small, family run farm in Lakeland, FL so kids get a unique experience that can’t be duplicated. The whole point of a field trip is to let children get out of the classroom and experience learning first hand. Oponay Farms has the space and activities that kids will enjoy and the field trip will be one that kids never forget.

A farm field trip in Lakeland, FL to a farm is a wonderful learning experience that’s fun and exciting for kids of all ages. There are a wide variety of activities and learning experience to discover at Oponay Farms thanks to the unique space and friendly farm hands. Teachers and parents should call Oponay Farms today for more information about bringing a classroom full of eager learners to the farm for a field trip!

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